How to plot data with very small differences

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Maroco Sc
Maroco Sc on 7 Nov 2019
Commented: darova on 7 Nov 2019
I have this data:
t = 1:15
Y1 = [1.99998031791996 1.99992023945870 1.99981921018751 1.99967676841284 1.99949246227265 1.99926639580871 1.99899815287861 1.99868750141895 1.99833464599514 1.99793876329308 1.99750049183611 1.99701928683627 1.99649511996620 1.99592851434409 1.99531906441858]
Y2 = [1.99998013911465 1.99991950960070 1.99981753603705 1.99967388705831 1.99948842208052 1.99926102409693 1.99899151220770 1.99867985581043 1.99832594938601 1.99792962177691 1.99749121702464 1.99701033438890 1.99648712446596 1.99592120112878 1.99531367241250]
The difference between Y1 and Y2 is too small, so when I plot them they look same.
How can I plot Y1 and Y2 together and show the differences (I do not want to plot a line shows the differences between them)
This is how the plots look like:
x-axis values from 1:15 and increase by 1
and Y1 and Y2 should be plotted as a line
plot(t,Y1,'-r'); hold on
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darova on 7 Nov 2019
YOu can use different markers
plot(t,Y1,'-r'); hold on

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Answers (1)

Daniel M
Daniel M on 7 Nov 2019
You can try using stem or scatter or playing the axis limits. Or just plot the residuals, which is a pretty standard thing to do.
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Maroco Sc
Maroco Sc on 7 Nov 2019
Edited: Maroco Sc on 7 Nov 2019
I have modified the question.
Could you please give an example for one of these methods.

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