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matrix with characters and numbers from text file

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Hi, if I have a txt. file with 2 different matrix in the text. file and i want them to be read into matlab, eg:
this is from the txt. file:
% A =
[ 1 2 3 E
5 6 7 E]
% B =
[9 10 11 IX
13 14 15 IX]
and i want matlab to know the diffrent between these two element when it reads the file. so i can make them longer or shorter and it should still be able to take both matrix our with the characters and numbers
Bhaskar R
Bhaskar R on 1 Nov 2019
Edited: Bhaskar R on 1 Nov 2019
It seems all matrices are extracted from the text file except last matrix
% connec
[1 2 1 2e11 A Ix
2 3 2 2e11 A Ix
3 4 3 2e11 A Ix
4 5 4 2e11 A Ix
5 6 5 2e11 A Ix];
It contained numerical with character data thats why it unable to perform
AAA = cell2mat(parts_value);
hence further statements you can't execute
In the cell variable parts_value you can get the all matrices correctly except last matrix as
parts_value{1}, parts_value{2}..parts_value{6}
polo Mahmoud
polo Mahmoud on 1 Nov 2019
Edited: polo Mahmoud on 1 Nov 2019
so i cant get the last matrix out anyway Bhaskar R ?

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Answers (1)

Mil Shastri
Mil Shastri on 1 Nov 2019
You could use the import tool and even provide the url of the txt file (
You could then set the output type as a table/cell array/ whatever you like and then generate a script for it. You will notice that it eventually uses readtable with some options (not shown below)
% Import the data
coord21 = readtable("coord2.txt", opts);
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polo Mahmoud
polo Mahmoud on 4 Nov 2019
it does not work for me, it says in the table NaN to all the "letters", but it can load the numbers.

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