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using fscanf to open file

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Ronald Aono
Ronald Aono on 27 Oct 2019
Answered: Walter Roberson on 27 Oct 2019
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TOL=[10^-3 10^-4 10^-5 10^-6 10^-7 10^-8 10^-9]
fileID = fopen('relp1.dat'); formatSpec = '%f';
A1= fscanf(fileID,formatSpec)
fileID = fopen('relp2.dat');
[A2]= fscanf(fileID,'%f')
fileID = fopen('relp3.dat');
[A3]= fscanf(fileID,'%f')
% sorting the data
A1INT=[A1(1,:) A1(3,:) A1(5,:) A1(7,:) A1(9,:) A1(11,:) A1(13,:)]
A1ND=[ A1(2,:) A1(4,:) A1(6,:) A1(8,:) A1(10,:) A1(12,:) A1(14,:)]
A2INT=[A2(1,:) A2(3,:) A2(5,:) A2(7,:) A2(9,:) A2(11,:) A2(13,:)]
A2ND=[ A2(2,:) A2(4,:) A2(6,:) A2(8,:) A2(10,:) A2(12,:) A2(14,:)]
A3INT=[A3(1,:) A3(3,:) A3(5,:) A3(7,:) A3(9,:) A3(11,:) A3(13,:)]
A3ND=[ A3(2,:) A3(4,:) A3(6,:) A3(8,:) A3(10,:) A3(12,:) A3(14,:)]
i keep runnnig into this error
Error using fscanf
Invalid file identifier. Use fopen to generate a valid file identifier.
Error in relp_dat (line 4)
A1= fscanf(fileID,formatSpec)

Answers (1)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 27 Oct 2019
filename = 'relp1.dat';
[fileID, msg] = fopen(filename);
if fileID < 0
error('could not open file "%s" because: "%s"', filename, msg);
I suspect that you will find that the filename is wrong with confusion between lower case L and digit 1, or else that the file is in a different directory.


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