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Silpa K
Silpa K on 10 Oct 2019
Answered: Shubham Gupta on 10 Oct 2019
I need to write some arrays in specified rows.I use xlswrite('Book1.xlsx',q,'A11:BI2').But I get the same answer in each rows.The second row is also same as the first.But I need each rows are different.How can I get different values.
Silpa K
Silpa K on 10 Oct 2019
Iam getting different q in each process and the q value is an array
ts = xlsread('ECGFiveDays_TEST.xlsx');
fa = movstd(p,20,1);
secarray = movstd(fa,20,1) ;
[~,ii] = min(abs(p(:) - k(:)'));
out = p(unique(ii));
subSequence{1} = p(1:30);
subSequence{2} = p(31:60);
subSequence{3} = p(61:90);
subSequence{4} = p(91:120);
subSequence{5} = p(121:end);
A = [];
for ii = 1:length(subSequence)
if any(ismember(subSequence{ii},out))
A{end+1} = subSequence{ii};
aa = ii;
bb= subSequence{3};
q=[idx bb cc];
Here Iam changing the p value for each process,taking different rows with respect to that the xlswrite also.
Dataset attached here.

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Answers (2)

prasanth s
prasanth s on 10 Oct 2019
Delete the already created excel sheet.
Change the last line of code to
if you want to store in the second row, then change the 'A1:BI1' to 'A2:BI2' .

Shubham Gupta
Shubham Gupta on 10 Oct 2019
So, in order to change row as you change the q, you have to change the range dynamically.
row_num = 1; % you can change that using a for loop
Range = ['A',num2str(row_num)];
But it will only affect the performance of your code. So, what I suggest is that you store all the q array in a "master" array dynamically
i = 1; % you can change that using a for loop
master_data(i,:) = q;
and save that master array in the Excel file at the end of the code using :


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