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Error in installing Matlab R2019b for macOS - Macbook Pro (Mojave)

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I'm trying to install the new matlab version R2019b for macOS, on a Macbook Pro (Mojave).
The message (print screen attached) shows that the file "example/fusion_maci64_1566305944.enc" has got wrong number of bytes.
If I retry downloading the file, the same message is reaised everty time. And, If click "No" to retry, the installation process is interrupted.
I have also download four times the installation file from the Mathworks web page, but got the same error message.
It seems that the installation software is refusing this file even though it's been downloaded directly from the Mathworks page (several times).
That is, the file in Mathworks servers has 35465400 bytes but the R2019b installation application expects 35467721 bytes.
I've also tryed to get the support from the local Brazil's representation (OpenCADD Advanced Technology), but without success.
And I succeeded to install the R2019b on my Windows 10 notebook.
So, anyone could help? Thanks!
the cyclist
the cyclist on 3 Oct 2019
I think you definitely need Mathworks support to solve this. They are normally very good in the U.S. I don't know anything about getting support in Brazil. What was the problem? Did they not respond at all, or could not solve your problem?
WELTON DUQUE on 3 Oct 2019
They've responded, however, with answers that have absolutely nothing to do with the real problem, although I've notified them about it. I'm more confident that Mathworks in U.S. will fix this problem easily and righ away. I think It's just a matter of changing a number (of bytes) inside the install application or changing the file itself inside the mirror update for R2019b files. As soon as I get an answer, I'll publish it here.
Best regards!

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Accepted Answer

WELTON DUQUE on 8 Oct 2019
Hello JJ Jennings,
Thanks a lot for your help!
I've booted my macbook into Safe Mode and all installation went well.
So, problem solved!

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WELTON DUQUE on 3 Oct 2019
Follows the print screen attached.WeltonDuque_MacbookPro_R2019b_Installation_problems.png


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