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find all subsequence from a series.

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Silpa K
Silpa K on 18 Sep 2019
Commented: Silpa K on 4 Nov 2019
I have a series containing 250 points.I need to find all the subsequences of it.Then any subsequence contain point 0.4 then I need to choose that subsequence only.How it is possible.Please help me.
Edit Rik (inserting the text of the duplicate question):
I have a set of numbers.I pollted it.I need to find all the subsequence of it and need to plot
If a=[1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0.4,0.1,0.23]
subsequence like{'1:2,2:3,3:4,.........'}
How can I do this,and I need to find a point (suppose 2)in the graph or not then marking that point in that subsequence.I am new in matlab.Please help me.
Silpa K
Silpa K on 18 Sep 2019
I plot a graph ,that points are in a series.I need to find the all subseries of it.If I use like
c=a(37:66) then only that portion is getting,how I getting all those subseries.
Silpa K
Silpa K on 4 Nov 2019
I attached a data set here.I need to split each row that contain 30(or any number) points.How can I do that? Please help me.

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