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Hi, I have a set A that contain 200 points and a subset of the set B.I need to graph the A and I need to mark the points in the set B in A.I can't mark those points correctly.Please help me.
dpb on 15 Sep 2019
I don't know what "ucr" means, not do you say a thing useful to help us know what, specifically you have done nor what "a condition" is...POST CODE and DATA, not just words....

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 Sep 2019
d = xlsread('FaceFour_TRAIN.xlsx');
hold on
idx = find(d>0.04);
pointsize = 20;
scatter(idx, d(idx), pointsize, 'b', '*')
hold off
Silpa K
Silpa K on 18 Sep 2019
thank you very much sir.

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Silpa K
Silpa K on 16 Sep 2019
d = xlsread('FaceFour_TRAIN.xlsx')
I need to mark the f in d and the d I need to represent like a single plot.How it possible please help me.

inusah alhassan
inusah alhassan on 21 Feb 2021
s = d(1:1,2:end);
fa = movstd(s,20,1);
secarray = movstd(fa,20,1) ;
secidx = find(secarray>.04);
f = secarray(secidx);
[maxvals, maxidx] = maxk(f,10);
sidx = secidx(maxidx);
x = 1:length(s);
plot(x, s, 'b-', sidx, s(sidx), 'go')
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 22 Feb 2021
This does not appear to be an answer to the user's question?

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