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Tomer on 27 Aug 2019
Commented: darova on 8 Sep 2019
I have 2000 TIF images and I want to create a video with these images. I want to draw three horizontal lines and write some text that appears in all the frames of the video. Any help on how to do this?

Accepted Answer

darova on 27 Aug 2019
Look for VideoWriter
darova on 1 Sep 2019
You said that your images are: F_001, F_002, .......F_2000
This line means: 1F.tif, 2F.tif, ... 100F.tif
I = imread([num2str(i), 'F.tif']); % read image
Use this line
s = sprintf('%04dF.tif',i);
I = imread(s);
Show the error occurs
darova on 8 Sep 2019
How it is going. Did this help?

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