how to re-assign variable within for loop

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Two tables are created within a for-loop. data1 and data2 are tables that are both created within the first iteration of the i-loop. Then for second iteration i want to pass data2 of first iteration to data1 to do similar operation.
right now im getting only the last iteration value in table.
Thank you.

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per isakson
per isakson on 18 Aug 2019
A long shot. Replace
if i == 0
table = data1;
table = [table;data2]; %#ok<AGROW>
data1 = data2;
  • I commented out result1 = munkres(result); since munkres is missing
  • The line data2(fin1,5)=P2; throws this warning
Warning: The new variables being added to the table have fewer rows than the table. They have been extended with rows containing default
> In tabular/subsasgnParens (line 364)
In tabular/subsasgn (line 61)
In cssm (line 39)
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karishma koshy
karishma koshy on 18 Aug 2019
thats what i was looking for
Thank you so much for your time.

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