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MATLAB Access Box Folders

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Kanchibhotla Chandra Sekhar
Commented: Brian on 17 Aug 2020
My Organisation is using the Box Folders for storing the Data, Is there any way MATLAB is having API kind of thing which will acess, read and write the data from the Box Folders with the user crenditals given to it.
Presently, i am downloading and executing the script and gain uploading the data. Is there any chances of automation can be done to this, because downloading and uploading has to been doing manually as of now.

Answers (3)

Ian McEachern
Ian McEachern on 12 Sep 2019
Second this, would love to have a way to connect Box with Matlab, call data, etc.

Jonathan Ajo-Franklin
Jonathan Ajo-Franklin on 18 Nov 2019
Third this. No API that I know of - but you can always have a local instance of MATLAB write to a Box desktop folder. We used this scheme to allow real-time processing of a remote data; the processing box (located away from our field site) polled the cloud directory for new files while the remote field system wrote to it. Would love to have a cleaner solution.

Brian on 17 Aug 2020 has an API...
I'm working on writing Python or .NET that I can use via Matlab to access files. Can anybody recognize a more efficient way?
Can I post to a URL using Matlab to download files?


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