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Why the old version of CWT code is no longer recommended [Continuous Wavelet Transform]

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Hi Everyone!!
My name is Supatat, Now I am doing research about detecting aburpt transition of roll angular velocity of rail vehicle using continuous wavelet transform.
I have used old and new version of cwt code as below.
Newer version:
Older version:
However, it is stated that the older version is no longer recommended on its webpage.
I would like to know the reason why it is no longer recommended. Does it mean " the result from the old version of cwt code is always incorrect"?
Because I got the different results from old and new version of cwt code. I am confused which one is correct.
Could you please answer me?
Thank you very much for your help in advacne

Accepted Answer

Naoya on 7 Aug 2019
This article might be helpful.
It mentions the advantages of using the new CWT() compared with the old one.

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