Unable to read the last line by using regexp

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I used the following code to read text line by line. But the result excludes the last line. For example, if my text is:
void myfunc1()
// body;
by using the following code:
matchedText = regexp(myText,'(?<=\n.*?(\r)\n','match');
The matchedText is:
matchedText = {'void myfunc1()','{','','//body',''};
How can I get the last line of the text? -- '}' is missing.
Rui Zhang
Rui Zhang on 2 Aug 2019
Oh, I missed a ')' in my post. You are right.
My actual code in my file is:
%% read a line
searchPattern = '(?<=\n).*?(\r)\n';
matchedText = regexp(mytext,searchPattern,'match');
Thank you very much for your help!

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Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 2 Aug 2019
As I said, your regular expression is invalid, and even corrected doesn't work very well. I also suspect that the (\r) was meant to be (\r)?
Anyway, if the goal is just to split lines:
>> myText = sprintf('void myfunc1()\r\n{\r\n\t// body\r\n}') %demo data
myText =
'void myfunc1()
// body
>> matchedText = regexp(myText, '\r?\n', 'split')
matchedText =
1×4 cell array
{'void myfunc1()'} {'{'} {'→// body'} {'}'}
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 2 Aug 2019
Note that when you use split to split into lines that it is common to end up with an empty character vector as the last element. That shows up when the file does end in newline, because it splits at the newline and then there does not happen to be anything more in the string.

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