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How to use DIR function

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Aadil on 5 Sep 2012
I'm using this code:
MatFileDirectories = MatFileDirectories(1)
MatFileDetails = dir(MatFileDirectories)
but I get this error:
_??? Error using ==> dir
Function is not defined for 'cell' inputs._
Mat file directories is an array containing all the drive paths of the mat files:
MatFileDirectories = {
I don't get why it can't read the path from the array


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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 5 Sep 2012
Edited: Image Analyst on 5 Sep 2012
Common mistake, use braces instead of parentheses:
MatFileDirectories = MatFileDirectories{1};
In general, anytime you have problems with cell arrays, switch from () to {}, or from {} to (). Chances are, one of them will work. Another useful tip is to learn about the cell2mat() and char() functions.

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Aadil on 5 Sep 2012
My God, I was putting the blummin brackets in the Dir{} function
Thanks a load

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