How to create daily average of different consecutive years?

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Hi, I have a question. I am having a dataset made of 6 consecutive years (Hourly Data). I was able to calculate weekly/daily/annual averages of each year but when it's plotted, it is hard to read. I want to create daily averages that is the average of the day in all 6 years. For instance:
Year Value
Day 1 (2000) 1
Day 1 (2001) 0
Day 1 (2002) 1
Day 1 (2003) 1
Day 1 (2004) 0
Day 1 (2005) 1
The average of day 1 for all 6 years is 0.66
[Data is exactly ordered the same in my dataset file.]
I have turned my imported excel file into time table.

Accepted Answer

Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 24 Jul 2019
Edited: Adam Danz on 24 Jul 2019
Assuming your timestamps are in datetime format, use day() with 'dayofyear' flag to convert the timestamps to day-of-year.
Then use findgroups() to group the data by day-of-year. Then use splitapply() to calculate the means.
% Fake timestamp and data, both must be column vectors!
d = datetime('01/01/1950','InputFormat','dd/MM/yyyy') + days(0:3000)';
data = rand(size(d));
doy = day(d,'dayofyear');
[dayGroups, dayKey] = findgroups(doy);
dayMeans = splitapply(@(x)mean(x,'omitnan'),data,dayGroups);
T = table(dayKey,dayMeans,'VariableNames',{'DayOfYear','DayMeans'});

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