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String Matching in an If Statement

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Jay on 23 Jul 2019
Commented: Peter Jarosi on 23 Jul 2019
If I want to compare strings (2 tables) sequentially in an if statement, what command caters for this?
A logical array won't work as there are multiple strings to compare (differing in number between datasets) from the first array to the other.
Table 1.
Col 1 has string names. Col 2 has set values of the double type for each string name.
Table 2.
Col 1 has strings to be matched. Col 2 has different values of the type double to be added.
Note: Col 2's strings are in random order.

Answers (1)

Peter Jarosi
Peter Jarosi on 23 Jul 2019
I recommend reading more about it depending on your problem but something like this:
Table3 = outerjoin(Table1, Table2, 'Keys', {'Col1'});
Guillaume on 23 Jul 2019
A plain join or an innerjoin might also be the answer. but I agree with Peter, you'r most likely looking at some sort of join.
Peter Jarosi
Peter Jarosi on 23 Jul 2019
Thank you Guillaume!
I think that Justin has to try different join functions with different options and investigate the result and one of these combinations may help.

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