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how to compute a level four-block hankel matrix ?

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Yapo OBOUE on 22 Jun 2019
Hello everyone, I am trying to embed a 4-D spatial hypercube Dk1, k2, k3, k4 in a level-four block Hankel matrix as follows. I have to address in advance that each frequency slice of data is operated the exactly same way. I first embed the data in a level-one Hankel matrix using all data components in the first dimension of the tensor Dk1,k2,k3,k4 at a given frequency w0. These matrices are then embedded gradually in a level-two, three and level-four block Hankel matrices.
The level-four is the target matrix of my problem. The size of level-four block Hankel matrix M(4) is (Y1Y2Y3Y4) × (X1Y1 + 1)(X2Y2+ 1)(X3Y3 + 1)(X4Y4 + 1). If Xi is an odd integer, the size of M(4) is (Y1Y2Y3Y4) × (Y1Y2Y3Y4).
You will find attached more details about my concern.
My question is that : How can I compute gradually the level-one, two, three and get finaly my target (level-four block hankel matrix ) ? Please , check the file attached to see the configuration of the matrices. Thanks for giving me a hand.


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