how can I do it without using eval

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G A on 17 Jun 2019
Edited: G A on 18 Jun 2019
There are quite a few handles of uicontrols and uipanels named h1,h2...hN in my code exported by GUIDE. I want to create structure of handles with names handles.(Tag) for all uicontrols. How can I do it without using eval?
for k=2:N
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 17 Jun 2019
If it is code exported by GUIDE, then GUIDE will automatically create those handles for you. It is done as part of the initialization of the gui. It goes something like
handles_with_tags = findobj(GUI, '-property', 'Tag');
for K = 1 : length(handles_with_tags)
this_handle = handles_with_tags(K);
thistag = get(this_handle, 'Tag');
if isvarname(thistag)
handles.(thistag) = this_handle;
Except that it does extra work so that when it finds multiple objects with the same tag, it creates a vector of handles.
G A on 18 Jun 2019
Thanks, Walter!
That is what I want. I was just modyfiing (mainly in learning purpose) my code from the form of GUIDE export to the form decribed in the tutorial:

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Accepted Answer

Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 17 Jun 2019
Assuming the handles are stored in a vector,
allhand = [h1,h2,h3]; %row vector
tags = get(allhand, 'tag');
handles = cell2struct(num2cell(allhand)',tags); %no need for transpose if allhand is column vector
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G A on 18 Jun 2019
Edited: G A on 18 Jun 2019
The problem is that the handles are not stored in an array or may be stored manually. How to store them not manually without using eval - that was my question. Newertheless I accept your answer because I am satisfied by Walter's answer and I have learned something from yours.:)

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