how can I do PCA on a table ?

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LO on 30 May 2019
Commented: Star Strider on 7 Jun 2019
I have a 3000 x 18 table containing 18 variables (one per column) of both numerical and categorical type (6 categorical).
I would liket to do PCA on the whole dataset
but the command
[coeff,score]=pca(mytable) does not work.
any idea on how to proceed ?

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 30 May 2019
The pca function only accepts single-precision or double-precision numerical arrays. You most likely need to use the table2array (link) function first, to get the numeric data out of your table and into a form that pca can use.
LO on 7 Jun 2019
Got it, thanks. I thought categorical PCA was also possible with MATLAB.
Perhaps the answer is no. I will try to then exclude the non numerical variables and see if it works !
Star Strider
Star Strider on 7 Jun 2019
It should work in that instance.

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