How can I edit an appdesigner's destructor

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I'm using appdesigner for the first time, and like the way in which it combines an interface similar to a modern IDE with OO code
However, I'd like to edit the destructor of the class, in particular to call the destructors of its child windows (themselves other appdesigner apps, between which I pass data) which otherwise is not done. The region of text is just greyed out in the window. Any ideas?
Thank you!

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Nathan Kueterman
Nathan Kueterman on 3 Sep 2019
In the Editor tab, top left there is a add callback button. Click this then for component dropdown choose your main window. Callback dropdown choose the close request function. Insert your custom destructor code in the code block it generated. (Took me a few weeks to discover where this was hidden)
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Jack on 6 Sep 2019
Thank you very much! (If only I could now remember why I wanted to do that! :-P)

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