simple formula to remove rows with repeated values in N x 2 matrix

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I have a set of XY coordinates in a N x 2 matrix
I would like to remove those pairs in which X values are the same
I do not want to use the "unique" function (I tried it but it does not work, perhaps my X values are not exactly the same although they look like they are) and I would not like to use a complicated series of commands...
the code I am using now is
it seems to work for discrete finite values but somehow for my case, it does not work.
I would not mind to round my values but I would like to keep at least 2-3 decimals

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 12 Apr 2019
The uniquetol (link) function (introduced in R2015a) allows you to set a tolerance. Also, setdiff does not have a tolerance option, although ismembertol does.
See if those do what you want.

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