How can I divide square area to sub areas?

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I have square area 100*100
I need to divide it to 3 sub areas.
I tried to write this code but there is an error:
for i=0:1:15
i (0<BSy(i)<=200/3)
%%region 1 from 0:200/3
R1=[R1 i];
elseif (200/3<BSy(i)<=200*2/3)
%%region 2 from 200/3:2*200/3
R2=[R2 i];
R3=[R3 i];

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 14 Mar 2019
Use "if" instead of "i" and change the logical test. This:
i (0<BSy(i)<=200/3)
should be this:
if (0 < BSy(i)) && (BSy(i) <= 200 / 3)

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