How to ncread a variable with spaces in its title?

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I have a fairly simple problem, however its solution keeps evading me. Data I have has a variable whose name has spaces in it.
I tried ignoring the spaces, putting it in brackets, adding / symbol etc, but so far nothing of the kind worked.
I would greatly appeciate a suggestion
Title of variable is 'sea ice concentration'
for k=2013:2013 %2018
si_masam_aug = ncread(['Masam2_' int2str(k) ''],sea\ ice\ concentration);
si_masam_sept = ncread(['Masam2_' int2str(k) ''],sea\ ice\ concentration);
masam_aug{k-2012} = si_masam_aug;
masam_sept{k-2012} = si_masam_sept;

Accepted Answer

Pavel on 13 Feb 2019
Could you please show your data?
Have you tried to use quotes?
ncread(...,'sea ice concentration')
Mikolaj Jankowski
Mikolaj Jankowski on 13 Feb 2019
File itself is too big to upload, even in zipfile

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