Save a file inside a subfolder of a folder

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In my directory I want to be able to creade a Folder, call a function do perform some calculations, and the results of those calculation i want to save in a subfolder of the folder. I am able to created the folder and subfolder, but the file is saved in my main directory, not even in Folder
Folder = 'Folder';
A = ones(5,1)*(1:5)
B = functionTiago(A,Folder);
% The function is attached
How to save B in the function file if possible inside the subfolder?
If not possible how to save B in the mfile inside the subfolder

Accepted Answer

Jan on 11 Feb 2019
function out = functionTiago(A, Folder)
subFolder = fullfile(Folder, 'SUBFOLDER');
out = A + 5;
save(fullfile(subFolder, 'Filename'), 'out');
Use absoulte paths.

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