hwo can i solve matlab error in this code

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Hwo can i solve the error in line 10
error is: Error using sub2ind
Too many output arguments.
clear all;
td = A;
pairidx = 0;
pairs = [];
while nnz(td(:) ~= 0 & ~isnan(td(:))) >= 2
std = size(td);
[maxd, maxidx] = max(td(:));
[maxr, maxc] = sub2ind(std, maxidx);
pairidx = pairidx + 1;
pairs(pairidx, :) = [maxr, maxc];
td(maxr, maxc) = nan;
td(maxc, maxr) = nan;

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 1 Feb 2019
You are using the inverse of the function you want.
Try this:
[maxr, maxc] = ind2sub(std, maxidx);
The max function returns the linear index of the maximum element in ‘td’, so you want to convert it to subscripts.

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