Can I process 'fit' with a GPU?

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Kris Hoffman
Kris Hoffman on 7 Dec 2018
Answered: Fernando Liozzi on 24 Sep 2022
Just tried running a test.
gX = randi(100,10,1,'gpuArray');
gY = randi(100,10,1,'gpuArray');
[a,b] = fit(gX,gY,'exp1');
and all I get is the error...
LSQCURVEFIT requires the following inputs to be of data type double: 'X0','YDATA'.
Is there any way to run 'fit' on the GPU (GTX 1080)?

Accepted Answer

Joss Knight
Joss Knight on 8 Dec 2018
No, there isn't, but other options may be adaptable to your problem.
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Kris Hoffman
Kris Hoffman on 8 Dec 2018
Will this become a feature in future iterations of MATLAB?

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Joss Knight
Joss Knight on 9 Dec 2018
We plan to accelerate the rate at which we provide improved coverage for gpuArray support in MATLAB Toolboxes, including Stats and Optim. Since these features are customer requested, they will be higher priority.
Adrian Bondy
Adrian Bondy on 13 Oct 2019
It's pretty embarrassing that essentially none of the fitting functions in matlab (for doing regression, generalized linear models, gradient descent, etc) support gpuArray inputs. gpuArrays have been part of Matlab for many years and there is no reason these functions couldn't support this input. It took me literally fifteen minutes to make glmfit support gpuArray input and it speeds up fitting by a factor of 5. The core computation for fitting linear models is a QR decomposition which is ALREADY supported to gpuArrays. SMH.

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Fernando Liozzi
Fernando Liozzi on 24 Sep 2022
Hi, please add GPU support for train net, is toooooo slow, I prefer to use Keras in Python for this analysis, but I need Simulink and Matlab codder for put the trained neural network in a STM32 or ESP32, etc.

Fernando Liozzi
Fernando Liozzi on 24 Sep 2022
I have noticed that with one of the methods, it is very fast and it is using something from the GPU called "COPY", what is it? Tensorflow uses the 3D part. The percentage of GPU usage is always greater than 20%, but I have even seen it go up to 45%. For now, excellent.




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