Use matlab to search and replace in an excel sheet

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I load an excel file with matlab R2015b using "xlsread". I would like to use matlab to search through the excel sheet for points and replace it with commas. Any ideas how do do that?
mael thevenot
mael thevenot on 8 Nov 2018
I said something wrong sorry, the xlsx that are not working are from another soft, where there is a button "copy data" and then I can copy those data in an excel (and it have a dot as decimal separator). The default format of the cell is "standard" in my excel 2016. I tried to change the format of cells (text, number, ...) but xlsread do not work until I search&replace dots to commas.
If there is no way to do this change in matlab, I'll just go on by doing it manually, thanks for your time.

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