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Error while executing a mex file that calls a DLL that was produced from Matlab Library Compiler

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I divided my code into two parts:
  • First section - Matlab code that compiles in Matlab coder. [Matlab -->C++]
  • Second section - Matlab code that will not compile in Matlab coder.
I compiled the code that will not compile in Matlab coder using Matlab Library Compiler to a DLL, Lets call that MatlibCom.dll. then I repacked that DLL (MatlibCom.dll) into an extern "C" function using another DLL I made, lets call that DLL MyDll.dll. [Matlab --> Matlab Library Compiler --> C++ ((MatlibCom.dll)]
Finally, I compiled the first section of my code in Matlab coder and used coder.ceval(...) function in order to execute MyDll.dll (that will finally execute MatlibCom.dll).
  • I tested MatlibCom.dll in C++ and it worked OK.
  • I tested MyDll.dll in C++ and it worked OK.
  • The first commend of executing a matlab library compiler code - must be a
%and later on
% Something like MY_MATLAB_LIBRARY_NAME_Initialize(..)
  • My final C++ code work OK (Tested from visual studio)
The problem is executing a mex file from my final code. Generating mex file works OK, however executing a mex file crash Matlab.
I tried to debug mex file using Visual studio, it's turn out that my first call to - mclInitializeApplication(...) return false (Also MatlibComInitialize() return false). than execution anything from mcl library crashes.
Is there a problem mixing mex with matlab library compiler runtime?
Is there a way solving this?

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