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Variable size cell aray of strings for codegen

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I want to pass a variable size cell array to a coder generated function. The array is a variable sized array of strings (or char), so some thing like this....
names = {'dave','susan','freddie'};
out = cellTest(names);
with cellTest being something like this....
function out = cellTest(myCell)
a = coder.newtype('char',[1 Inf]);
myType = coder.typeof({a},[1,Inf],[1,1]);
out = myCell;
Basically what I'm trying to do is allow 'names' to be an unlimited size list (so any number of names), and also obviously each element of names can be any length.
I've tried compiling this but I'm obviously missing something, as I get...
>> codegen cellTest
??? Preconditioning: Errors occurred during evaluation of properties for function inputs. Input property specification has
certain limitations described in the documentation that might cause these errors. For example, you cannot read or write to
a function input before specifying its properties.
How can I make 'names' variable length (i.e. any number of names) and also allow each name to be a variable number of characters?
Cheers, Arwel

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