How to publish a code with an image inside html?

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Simone Parisotto
Simone Parisotto on 15 Oct 2018
Edited: Simone Parisotto on 15 Oct 2018
Hi, in the "Example" tab of my submission I do not see the published images: locally everything works fine, while online it returns the following error instead of the images: "The page you were looking for doesn't exist".
As an example, the images I want to show are stored in the html/images/ folder and I use the following html code for publishing:
% <html>
% <table border="1" cellspacing="10px" cellpadding="10px">
% <tr>
% <td style="text-align:center;"><b>Input</b></td>
% <td style="text-align:center;"><b>Output</b></td>
% </tr>
% <tr>
% <td style="width:48%; height:48%; text-align:center; vertical-align:middle"><img src="images/input_amle.png" style="max-height:100%; max-width:100%"></img></td>
% <td style="width:48%; height:48%; text-align:center; vertical-align:middle"><img src="images/output_amle.png" style="max-height:100%; max-width:100%"</img></td>
% </tr>
% </table>
% </html>
Any help is appreciated.
Thanks a lot,

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