Interdepending - multivariable problem

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Sergio Quesada
Sergio Quesada on 6 Oct 2018
Edited: Sergio Quesada on 6 Oct 2018
Good evening to everybody. My problem is the following:
I want to solve a sistem non-linear equations Int(r)-(t-texp)=0 in the variable r with the following complications:
- In "Int", r is in the upper limit of a definite integral of the integrand F(x). I call the solutions "r_teor".
-In the equations, "texp" is a 1x10 array experimental points, so each equation correspond to each valor of "texp".
- "t", which is the other variable in the equations, are the minimums of another function H, which depends itself on "rteor".
I have written down this:
F=@(x) FC.*exp(-(V.*a)./(30.*x.*log(x))); part=1e-3;
L=@(r) 1:part:r;
me=@(r) arrayfun(F,L(r));ue=@(r) F(max(L(r)));
Int=@(r) part.*(sum(me(r))-(ue(r)./2));
options = optimset('Display','iter','TolX',1e-4,'PlotFcns','@optimplotx'); syms r
for i=1:N
t=@(i) (1+(5.*((texp(i)-t0).^0.25)));
r_teor=@(i) fsolve(Int(r)-(t(i)-texp(i)), 1.5);
Itrans=@(i) Io./((r_teor(i)).^4);
Itotal=@(i) Ifar(i)+Itrans(i);
SumError=@(i) sum((Itotal(i)-Iexp).^2);
t= fminbnd(SumError,6e-3,t1-5e-5,options);
, and I have the following error:
Undefined function 'functions' for input arguments of type 'inline'.
Any idea ? Thanks !!!
Sergio Quesada
Sergio Quesada on 6 Oct 2018
Hi, mdhan. They're constants that I define in the first line. I ommited them for clarity:
formatSpec='%f %f'; sizeSpec=[2,Inf];
datos=fscanf(fID,formatSpec,sizeSpec); close('all');N=Columnexpf-Columnexpi+1;
texp=datos(1, Columnexpi:Columnexpf);Iexp=datos(2, Columnexpi:Columnexpf); t1=texp(1);

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