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Gradient magnitude of an image

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Hello I've got a general question regarding the gradient magnitude.
if i have a gradient magnitude one of image, and the gradient magnitude of of the same imaged but under a blurred effect. and i select a random line from the original image and plot it, (and select the same line from blurred image and plot it)
by plotting them both, am i basically comparing between what happens to the edges of the image under the effect of a blur?
or do i need to do more calculations?

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 28 Aug 2018
Yes. You will see "what happens" to the edge if your line crosses over the gradient of it, like if you used improfile(). There are other things that you can learn too, other than how the gradient spreads out, like what the gradient levels are on either side of the edge and everywhere in between, how much noise there is in the signal, etc.

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