how to create n*n by 1 natrix from n by n matrix

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Torkan on 11 Aug 2018
Commented: KSSV on 11 Aug 2018
I want to create 9 by 1 matrix using the 3 by 3 matrix. It means that the second column should be below the first column and then the third one below the second one. This should be generalized to n by n matrix. Would you please help me?
Then I have another matrix. The same size. I should do the same thing there and then create one 3*3 by 2 matrix which the first column is the 9 arrays of the first matrix and the second column is the 9 arrays of the second matrix.
Jan on 11 Aug 2018
Edited: Jan on 11 Aug 2018
This sounds like a homework. The solution is very easy. Please read the "Getting Started" chapters of the documentation. Matlab's free "Onramp" will help also (use an internet search engine to find it).
The forum will not solve your homework.
KSSV on 11 Aug 2018
Read about reshape and MATLAB matrix indexing.

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