How do I use a uimenu callback in a programmatically created figure within app designer?

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I've got an app that when a certain condition is met, pops out a programmatically created figure repleat with buttons, checkboxes, axes, etc... (Full disclosure) I first created it as a simple script and now I'm trying to integrate that into the app (the appdesigner kept crashing and took A LOT of time to run and work out bugs). I understand the syntax will be a little different in appdesigner, but I cannot seem to find any answers about how to point to a function from, say, a uimenu. CODE BELOW.
ContextSelection1 = uimenu(Context,'Label','Select Region Data','Callback',@FillEdits);
Is there a workaround or different syntax that should be used here?
Kevin Chng
Kevin Chng on 2 Aug 2018
Or you may try to use this tool for your conversion.
Yuhao Sun
Yuhao Sun on 24 Aug 2020
You can try the context menu from the component liabray. R2020a version has supported it in the app designer.

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