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Comparing two groups using aoctool - p-value for comparison?

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Hi everyone,
I've been trying to use aoctool to compare two groups with one covariate as follows:
[h,atab,ctab,outstats] = AOCTOOL(X,Y,G)
X being a vector of the data, Y being a vector of covariate, G being the grouping.
2 32 1
6 54 1
3 21 1
3 66 2
6 92 2
5 76 2
Now I would like to actually just know the p-value for a comparisons between the values in X (divided by group and using the covariate Y). Is it then just to run:
c = multcompare(outstats,0.05);
And if the last value (which should be the p-value) is significant, then the two groups (X) are significantly different when considering the variable (Y)? Or am I missing a step?
Thanks a lot,

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