spatial grid points division

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Ahmed Abdalazeez
Ahmed Abdalazeez on 18 Jul 2018
Edited: Guillaume on 18 Jul 2018
I have (N = 550) grid points starts from a = 0, to the end point b = 291.5. the spatial grid step is dx = 0.53. I want increase the grids between a and b by decreasing dx, without changing N.
Here the codes i used
N = 550; % number of grid points
x = linspace(a, b, N+1)'; % cell interfaces
dx = x(2) - x(1); % spatial grid step
xc = 0.5*(x(1:end-1) + x(2:end)); % centers of cells
Ahmed Abdalazeez
Ahmed Abdalazeez on 18 Jul 2018
But I can't change N, because the stability of the solution, otherwise the system will be unstable.
Guillaume on 18 Jul 2018
By definition
dx = (b-a) / N
So again, you can't change dx without changing at least one variable on the other side of the equation.

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