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multiple apps with dependency to one user written toolbox

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Andreas Klotzek
Andreas Klotzek on 13 Jul 2018
Closed: Andreas Klotzek on 16 Jul 2018
I have a question regarding appdesigner.
I have a use-case where I write multiple apps. All of these apps depend on one (non-app) toolbox that I have written (for example a collection of functions and classes). I know I can add dependencies to functions in the appdesigner packaging gui. If I add the same dependencies in all apps, and then install more than one app, will the toolbox be installed multiple times or only once?
Maybe a solution would be to design the toolbox as a non-executable app?
What could be a convenient way to deploy such an architecture of apps + toolbox?
Thank you for any help/opinions!
EDIT: Nevermind, I just found the toolbox packaging included in matlab


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