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appdesigner code generating exposes ui component handles

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Andreas Klotzek
Andreas Klotzek on 13 Jul 2018
I have recently started looking into the appdesigner framework for creating gui's and I have some questions on the generated class code.
appdesigner exposes the ui component handles as public properties. As a user of the app, if I have access to the app handle, I could manipulate the entire gui, including callbacks. I want to hide the handles as private properties and only give access via a get-method if I have a use-case for it. Is it possible to do this?
I do not want to allow a user to start an app by calling the constructor of the class directly, and casually exposing the app handle to the user. One approach I would use is having a static start function which calls the private constructor, not returning the handle and maybe additionally a simple ordinary function to wrap the call to the start function for simple use from command line. Is this possible?
I would be interested to write my own class without using appdesigner, but using the same basic structure (for example calling the registerApp method inherited from matlab.apps.AppBase. This would result in one .m file or an @-folder containing some m-files. Is it possible to package an app using such code as base? And then use the standard app deployment/install framework.
If these things are not possible yet, I would be interested to have them included in future releases.
Thanks for any answers or opinions on this!


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