Displaying results of lsqcurvefit after each iteration

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Good evening,
I have solved a problem with lsqcurvefit, and now I want MatLab to display the solutions found after each iteration. The problem is my objective function, called "Iteor", is obtained by fsolve, like this:
rteor=@(k,r) fsolve(@(r) arrayfun(@(R,T) FC.*integral(@(x) exp(-a./(x.*log(x))), 1, R)-(T-(.001.*k(1))),r,texp), inpts, options);
Iteor=@(k,r) ((.01.*k(2)./FC).*(rteor(k,texp)).*exp(a./(rteor(k,texp)).*log(rteor(k,texp))))+(Vo./(100.*k(3).*log(rteor(k,texp))));
k = lsqcurvefit(Iteor, x0, texp, Iexp,[],[],options)
I have tried with
options = optimoptions('lsqcurvefit','Display','iter');
but, it returns technical info, not the solutions of my parameters. I've also tried with
options = optimoptions('lsqcurvefit','PlotFcn','optimplotx');
,but it makes the program to plot the parameters values in a graph, and I want it displayed...
Thanks you !!

Accepted Answer

Alan Weiss
Alan Weiss on 11 Jun 2018
Write yourself a simple Output Function such as this:
function stop = outfun(x,optimVals,state)
stop = false;
switch state
case 'iter'
I just wrote this off the top of my head, so it might not be 100% right, but something like this will work. Include the output function in your options, and pass the options to lsqcurvefit.
Alan Weiss
MATLAB mathematical toolbox documentation
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Sergio Quesada
Sergio Quesada on 12 Jun 2018
done! thanks! Time to read more about output functions....

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