How to calculate subs inside a loop

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Torkan on 16 May 2018
Answered: Torkan on 17 May 2018
I have a code with a function named [B]. A1,A2,A3 are different variables calculated inside a loop. I want to have BB been calculated iteratively inside a loop and give a new BB. However, it does not work and gives the below error. Does anybody know how could I change the code in order to calculate BB?
The xxxx is the A1 A2 A3 that we had before.
Error using sym/subs>normalize (line 221) Entries in second argument must be scalar.
Error in sym/subs>mupadsubs (line 147) [X2,Y2,symX,symY] = normalize(X,Y); %#ok
Error in sym/subs (line 135) G = mupadsubs(F,X,Y);
BB=0 quads=[1/4, 1/4; 3/5, 1/4; 1/7, 1/5; 1/4, 3/6];
for i=1:1:4
A1= quads(i);
for j=1:1:4
A2= quads (j);
A3= 1-A1-A2;
[B]= guassshafuncderivative(A1 ,A2 , A3);
end end

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Torkan on 17 May 2018
No answer for this hard question?:)

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