EPANET-Matlab Toolkit: Using Function-addNode

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Hello. I'm beginner of EPANET-Matlab toolkit.
The purpose of using this toolkit is optimizing sensor networks of pipe networks. I want to use junction as a pressure or head sensor, so I should add or delete junction or pipe. However, there are some problem to add the junction. (I can get output of the system response...) I already followed the addnode functions written in 'epanet.m' file, but I could see only error message. Here are the functions I used.
1. d.addNodeJunction(obj,juncID) -Command: d.addNodeJunction(‘20180329_practice_KIMMtemp.inp’,50); -Error Message: Too many input arguments. -Command: d.addNodeJunction(‘20180329_practice_KIMMtemp.inp’); -Error Message: Struct contents reference from a non-struct array object.
2. d.ENaddnode(obj,juncID,obj.ToolkitConstants.EN_JUNCTION); -I don’t know what does ToolkitConstants mean.
3. d.addNode(obj,1,newID,X,Y,newElevation); -Command: d.addNode(‘20180329_practice_KIMM_temp,inp’,1,50,300,300,0); -Error Message: No appropriate method, property, or field ‘addNode’ for class ‘epanet’.
4. d.ENaddnode(obj,nodeid,nodetype); -Command: d.ENaddnode(‘20180329_practice_KIMM_temp.inp’,30,‘Junction’) -Message: No appropriate method, property, or field ‘ENaddnode’ for class ‘epanet’.
As I mentioned, I only followed the functions written in 'epanet.m' file, so I don't know what is the problem. Could you explain how to use the functions that add node(junction) with EPANET-matlab toolkit or give me a manual of that, please?
Thanks for your effort!
Thank you!

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Ma Dely Esberto
Ma Dely Esberto on 4 Jun 2019
The link below might be of help to you.
Note that Eliades, et al used G=epanet(' .inp '), but you can modify as used in yor commands above, you may wrrite
d=epanet(' .inp') - to load the epanet network successfully
To open the list of various functions using "d." commands, you may type in "methods(d)" in the command window.


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