Matrix addition of a first column in a loop

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i have a cell A with 'n' cells inside. inside each cell i have a matrix. i want to do matrix addition of all the first column of these matrices inside a for loop. how to do it?
for i=1:n
% matrix addition code

Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 29 Mar 2018
Edited: Guillaume on 29 Mar 2018
With a loop:
colsum = yourcellarray{1}(:, 1);
for cidx = 2:numel(yourcellarray)
colsum = colsum + yourcellarray{cidx}(:, 1);
With cellfun:
colsum = sum(cell2mat(@(m) m(:, 1), yourcellarray, 'UniformOutput', false)), 2);
Either way, the matrices in each cell must have the same height.
Note that if all the matrices in the same array are the same size, then storing them as an N-d array (where N = ndim(yourmatrices)+1) would make your life much easier:
allmatrices = cat(ndim(yourcellarray{1})+1, yourcellarray{:});
colsum = sum(allmatrices(:, 1), ndim(allmatrices));

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