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Write a code about matrix summation

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Torkan on 26 Feb 2018
Answered: Torkan on 26 Feb 2018
I want to write a code in order to make summation of the matrix in the way I explained below. Consider, we have a matrix 3 by 1. [1;4;1] actually there many of this matrix. I want to write a code to add the last array of this matrix to the first array of the second matrix and so on. It means that for the second matrix we have [1,4,2,4,1] For the third one we have [1,4,2,4,2,4,1] Thıs means that a number one which is the last number of matrix one adds to the number one which is the first array of matrix 2 and so on
Rik on 26 Feb 2018
Is the goal to sum these many matrices, or to have a function that returns the n-th summed vector?
Jan on 26 Feb 2018
The last "element", not "array".
What have you tried so far? Because this is a homework, posting a solution would not be useful, because you cannot submit it without cheating. So please post your current code and ask a specific question.

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Answers (1)

Torkan on 26 Feb 2018
Goal is to sum these matrices It seems that it is solved! İt is just a little part of a big project!


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