Text Not Showing On Plot

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Jay on 13 Jan 2018
Answered: Jay on 14 Jan 2018
I am trying to have the text show on one of my points on the plot.
When I use the command
text(x(1),y(1),'Mark 1')
The text overlaps on the point.
When I use
text(x(1)+0.5,y(1),'Mark 1')
No text is shown (even when using the "hold on" command).
If I only have one Mark (comment out the others), I have the command
text(x1,y1,'Mark 1')
and the Mark's label is offset to the right.
Why is this happening and how do I fix it?

Accepted Answer

Jan on 13 Jan 2018
If the x axis goes from x(1)-0.1 to x(1)+0.1, the text drawn at x(1)+0.5 is outside the visible area. Does this happen in your case? If not, please post some code, which reproduces the problem you see.

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Jay on 14 Jan 2018
Thankyou Star and Jan,
The text was indeed outside of the window space.


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