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GEORGIOS BEKAS on 10 Jan 2018
Answered: Guillaume on 11 Jan 2018
I wrote the following code for a file that I attach, but it is not working.
filecontent = fileread('C:\Users\User\Desktop\Document 8.txt')
filecontent6 = regexprep( filecontent ,' 6; !- Minimum Number of Warmup Days' , ' 5; !- Minimum Number of Warmup Days' )
fid = fopen('C:\Users\User\Desktop\Document 5.idf', 'wt')
assert(fid > 0, 'failed to open file for writing');
fwrite(fid, filecontent6)

Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 11 Jan 2018
"but it is not working"
That is a very useless statement if you don't tell us in what way it is not working, or what you expected the code to do.
It is not working because:
  1. You've got an extra space in the name of the file in your fileread call, 'Document 8' vs 'Document8' ?
  2. the string ' 6; !- Minimum Number of Warmup Days' is not present in your document? Note that the same string with one less space before the 6 is present.
  3. Some other reason?
I suspect that your problem is point 2.
Note that if you don't know how to build regular expressions, I would recommend that you use strrep instead of regexprep.

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