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how to get the Location of a box inside uitable (table), which is highlighted?

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hi everyone,
i have a table inside GUI and i want to get the coordinates of box in the table which is highlighted.
for exemple:
Table is (4x4) cell
i clicked on a box, which is located in table (2,3).
now how i can get the Location, which is highlighted?
any help i will i appreciate it
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joe on 10 Jan 2018
Hello everyone,
i solved it.
and here is the solution:
% write in table_CellSelectionCallback
function table__CellSelectionCallback(hObject, eventdata, handles)
row = eventdata.Indices(1);
col = eventdata.Indices(2);
assignin('base','row',row) % to get row variable in workspace
assignin('base','col',col) % to get col variable in Workspace

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