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iterating function, how to return a value and return to function

Asked by OLGA Jumbo Sanchez on 26 Dec 2017
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Happy Holidays Matlab Community. I have a programming question. I am trying to do minimization and need help coding it.
function my_function(a,b,c,d) % %calculations p, new_c, new_d and others % if condition1 return p; elseif condition2 my_function(a,b,new_c,d); else my_function(a,b,c,new_d); end end
I know return p; does not exist, only return/break to exit the loop. However, to my understanding, I would have to define p=my_function(a,b,c,d);
any tips on how to code this?


@Olga: You will have to do a better job of explaining your question in order to get a respectable, helpful answer. If you read the description of matlab functions carefully, you will realize there is no automatic "return" to a function without a specific action in the coding that calls on the function. The conditions you describe either must be built into the function itself or the caller must deal with them and resort to possible multiple calls on the function.
I didn't realize the formatting was off for the question and did not want to bother anyone with calculations. But here it is the algorithm.
When I want to return p only when the condition is satisfied, otherwise I want to keep looping.

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