How to prevent automatic cell array dimension assignment

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I want to generate a 3D cell array called timeData so that timeData(:,:,a) for some integer a is an nx1 matrix of data, and the number of rows n varies with the value of a in a 1:1 correspondence. To do this, I am generating a 2D array of data called data that is nx1. This assignment statement takes place within a for loop as follows:
for m=1:numIter
data = [1.1;2.3;5.5;4.4]; % This is one example of what data could be. Its number of columns, n, changes each
% iteration, as do its contents.
A = [1,2,3,4,5];
sizeA = size(A);
for k=1:sizeA(2)
B = size(data);
timeData(1:B(1),1,m) = num2cell(data);
This code does put all contents of data in the appropriate locations within timeData as I want. However, it also adds
{0x0 double }
rows to all 2D arrays of
for any a whose corresponding number of rows n was not the largest number of rows. Thus, there are many of these 2D arrays that have 10s to a couple hundred 0 valued rows that I don't want. How can I modify my assignment statement to fix this?
PS: I understand the way I am going about dynamically changing the size of timeData is considered bad practice. I'm not concerned with this since all that matters to me is that the code works.

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