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Export number with fewer decimals and a number in parentheses

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Hi everyone,
I currently have the following number in a 8x4 double. I want to turn this number: -0.6100 to the following: -0.61 (1.48) to export it to Latex. Is this possible?
Thanks a lot in advance.
Best regards,

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 3 Nov 2017
See if the more recent versions of the round (link) function (that allow rounding to a specific number of decimal places) will do what you want.
If you don’t have it, use this emulation of it to round your variables to a specific number of decimal places:
roundn = @(x,n) round(x .* 10.^n)./10.^n; % Round ‘x’ To ‘n’ Digits, Emulates Latest ‘round’ Function

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