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F.O on 28 Oct 2017
Edited: Cedric Wannaz on 31 Oct 2017
I have 3 lines y=0,y=-6,y=-14 and have this points in the y=0
xs =[10.9412 17.6187 32.3200 77.3532]
ys=[ 0 0 0 0]
on y= -6 i have these points
xrefraction =[2.1838 3.4641 6.0000 10.3923]
all y is -6
xrefraction1 =[8.7573 14.1546 26.3200 66.9608]
all y is -6
on this line y=-14 I have
xreflecttion =[5.4706 8.8093 16.1600 38.6766]
all y is -14
First i want to plot the three lines y=,y=-l,y=- 14 then linesegmentes from point (0,0) to every point on the line y=-6 (with
xreflecttion =[5.4706 8.8093 16.1600 38.6766]
and all y is -6, and then line-segments from previous points to the corresponding points points on y=-14 with xreflecttion as x coordinates and again from these points to the corresponding points on the y=-6 with xrefraction1 vector as x coordinates and again from this points to the corresponding points on the line y=0 with xs vector as x coordinates . it as actually a rates that get refracted on the first layer y=-6 and reflected on the layer y=-14 to to again the layer y=-6 and so refracted to the surface y=0.
I tried but failed and i dont know if it is possible to matrices here.
here is what I did but i am getting extra lines h1=6 h2=8 vp1=5.4; vp2=6; alpha1=[20 30 45 60] a1=h1./cosd(alpha1) % fra snill's law beta1=asind((vp2/vp1)*sind(alpha1)) a2=h2./cosd(beta1) %b x=[0 48.4974]; y=[0 0]; plot(x,y) hold on; y1=[-6 -6]; plot(x,y1) hold on; y2=[-14 -14]; plot(x,y2) % x1=h1.*tand(alpha1) x2=h2.*tand(beta1) % x3=x2 x4=x1 % Xcorrdinates of refraction ponit is xrefraction=x1 %xcoordinates of reflaction point is xreflecttion=x1+x2 %Xcorrdinates of the second refraction ponit is
xrefraction1=x1+x2+x3 % xcoordinates of intersaction point of refracted ray with the surface line point is xs=x1+x2+x3+x4 % plotting we need x and y coordinates of those points X=[0 2.1838 0 3.4641 0 6.0000 0 10.3923] Y=[0 -h1 0 -h1 0 -h1 0 -h1 ] plot(X,Y) hold on ; %plot([2.1838 5.4706 ],[-h1,-(h1+h2)]) %hold on; %plot([ 5.4706 8.0073],[-(h1+h2),-h1]) %hold on %plot([ 8.0073 10.1912 ],[-h1,0])
plot([2.1838 5.4706 3.4641 8.8093 6.0000 16.1600 10.3923 38.6766],[-h1 -(h1+h2) -h1 -(h1+h2) -h1 -(h1+h2) -h1 -(h1+h2)]) hold on; plot([5.4706 8.7573 8.8093 14.1546 16.1600 26.3200 38.6766 66.9608],[-h1 -(h1+h2) -h1 -(h1+h2) -h1 -(h1+h2) -h1 -(h1+h2)])
Cedric Wannaz
Cedric Wannaz on 31 Oct 2017
Thank you Rik! I edited the link so we don't get stuck in some infinite loop clicking and clicking again ;-)

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