evaluate a matrix, and create bool array from results

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hey everyone,
i want to evaluate the elements of a 100x100 matrix, if the results are in a certain Boundary Condition. From this i want to create a matrix filled with bools, that symbolize if the B.C. were fulfilled or not. is there something i can do?
th reason for this is that i am vektorizing the whole process, and i need to keep the data of previous matrices.

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Jan on 28 Oct 2017
Unfortunately you did not mention which kind of boundary conditions you want to apply. Then a guess:
M = rand(100, 100);
BC = (M > 0.2) & (M < 0.8);
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O Mueller
O Mueller on 28 Oct 2017
the b.c. are arbitrary (in my case its almost as you guessed, i need to compare the emissivity of a surface) i just did not know how to do it ;) but this should work.

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